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Formed in 2016, Sooner blends alternative rock, dream pop, and shoegaze in a style that is both lush and energetic – with Federica Tassano’s ethereal yet powerful vocals haunting every song. Sooner plays in Brooklyn/NYC area and their debut LP “Days and Nights” will be out on Good Eye Records in March 2022.

“...Sooner manage to bottle up a highly enveloping dream pop sound that's vast and textured, but not overbearing, and intimate without being too taciturn… Best described as a modern day shoegaze leaning indie-pop that's reminiscent of early Cocteau Twins and Souvlaki era Slowdive…”
- Bushwick Daily

“…The kind of band you like immediately… They’re the perfect mix of the familiar and the innovative, exciting energy found only in those underground indie bands we’ll all be cheering for in a few years…”
- Left Bank Magazine
“...The band does an excellent job of flashing some serious shoegazing in between their jangly pop tunes. Snappy drum beats and easy-going vocal melodies make way for furious guitar drones and elaborate basslines drenched in fuzz… The ease with which the band switches up their intensity keeps the listener engaged, while sonic layers are added and removed as their songs progress...”
- The Deli Magazine

“…Somewhere between hazy shoegaze and driving alt-rock with a splattering of beautifully intense dream pop courtesy of it’s stunning vocalisations...”
- Primal Music

Sooner is: Federica Tassano (vocals), John Farris (guitar), Andrew Possehl (bass), & Tom Wolfson (drums)
Booking & Inquiries: soonermusicbk@gmail.com